Contact Info
Time Out Respite Care, Inc.
24246 Harborview Rd.
Port Charlotte, Florida 33980
Phone: (941) 743-3883

Items for Auction

One of our main fundraising programs is a yearly auction of donated items. If you have clean, slightly used items just sitting around your home, garage or attic - we would love to find them a new home!

Monitary Donations

Of course your financial support is always welcome and most certainly needed year-a-round!

Volunteer Your Time

A helping hand from time to time is needed by everyone, and we are no different. While you may not hold the credentials to work directly as a trained caregiver, there are other ways you may help - give us a call!

Time Out Respite Care, Inc. is a registered 501-c3 not for profit organization and your donations may be partially or totally tax deductible. Of course please check with your tax advisor for your eligibility.